Sports Encounters

If you have a team, group of friends or colleagues and / or university and when the weekend comes you want to play a soccer game, but you do not have a rival team or court, just call us!

We coordinate EVERYTHING, we look for and assign a rival team, we coordinate and assign the referee, all so that you play a good game in one of our fabulous courts which are in excellent condition. Ahh! and let’s not forget about hydration since it is important, it is also included (1 pack of water per team).

Own fields

Own fields

We have 9 soccer-11 fields and 3 soccer-8 fields in excellent condition ready for football matches



We make available to the referees meetings of the Association of Arbitrators of Cundinamarca. In case arbitration is required for the trial of the meeting, it may also be carried out.

Opposing team

Opposing Team

We take care of finding the rival team which fits the category of your team so that you have a fair and entertaining sports match.



Each team will have a pack of water for their respective hydration during the meeting.